Welcome to the China Energy Fair Fund Claims Website

Welcome to the website for the claims administration of the China Energy Fair Fund ("Fair Fund").  If you purchased shares of China Energy common stock, ticker CESV, on the open market in the United States (“Eligible Securities”) between July 1, 2004 and February 15, 2006, inclusive (“Recovery Period”) and calculate a Recognized Claim per the Plan of Allocation contained in the court-approved Distribution Plan, you may be entitled to receive payment from the Fair Fund, subject to other provisions of the Distribution Plan.

The Fair Fund was established by the Court to distribute monies to investors harmed by China Energy’s manipulation of the market through a pump and dump scheme.1  The administration of the Fair Fund is governed by the Distribution Plan found here.

Approximately $5.7 million is available for distribution to harmed investors.

The Court has appointed Kurtzman Carson Consultants, LLC (“KCC”) as the Distribution Agent to administer the distribution, including the claims process.

To apply for a distribution payment, you must complete and send a Proof of Claim Form, along with copies of all supporting documentation, to the Distribution Agent postmarked, or submitted online, on or before June 4, 2019. A Proof of Claim Form can be obtained by visiting the “Case Documents” tab above and clicking “Proof of Claim Form.” You can submit a claim form online by clicking the tab  “File A Claim” above and following the link found under the header “Submit Your Proof of Claim Online.”

1See SEC v. (“China Energy” or the “Company”), Chiu Wing Chiu (“Chiu”), Lai Fun Sim (a/k/a Stella Sim) (“Sim”), Sun Li (“Li”), Jun Tang Zhao (“Zhao”), and New Solomon Consultants (“New Solomon”) (collectively, the “Defendants”) and Amicorp  Development Limited, Essence City Limited, Precise Power Holdings Limited, Yan Hong Zhao, Ai Qun Zhong, and Tung Tsang, relief defendants (collectively, the “Relief Defendants”).